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Almost two-thirds of dog owners who let their pooch sleep in their bed only wash their sheets once a month, or less!

  • A new report by Beko, The UK's Number 1 best-selling large home appliance brand has looked into the impact that fresh bedding can have on an individual
  • Over half (54%) felt their mood increased on the day they changed their bedding AND the day after
  • The research also went on to reveal that 6/10 respondents who let their dog sleep in bed with them only wash their sheets once a month, or less!

We're always looking for things to help improve our mental health, especially as the winter nights draw in and the weather takes a turn for the worse. Well, it turns out a little mental health booster has been under our noses this whole time – washing our bedsheets!

A new report by Beko asked UK respondents questions about their bedding laundry routine, as well as how it made them feel.

Over two-fifths (41%) of Brits feel they have a better sleep after cleaning their sheets

From more sleep to a healthier mind, it seems Brits have positive experiences when they wash their bedsheets. In the new report, over half (54%) of respondents said they were in a better mood on the day they washed their sheets and the day after, and over two-fifths (41%) even said they felt they slept better as a result.

The research also went on to reveal that almost a quarter of respondents said they're even more excited to get into bed after they've washed their sheets, and 16% thought they get to sleep quicker with clean sheets.

How Often do Brits Clean their Sheets?

The report showed most of the respondents washed their sheets every week or every second week (71%), but 4% of those asked only washed them every couple of months!

Men are more likely to leave it to the bottom of the to-do list, with 1 in 10 British men leaving it every couple of months or less.

See the list of results below:

On average, how often do you wash your bedsheets?

% of respondents

Once every 2 weeks


Once a week


Once a month


Once every 3 weeks


Once every couple of months


More than once a week


Once every 6 months


Once a year


Less than once a year


12% of Brits let their dog sleep in the bed with them

Brits are known for being dog lovers, and 12% of us have no problem letting our dogs sleep on our duvets. Out of this portion though, 61% wash their sheets once a month, or less!

Interestingly, 18-24-year-olds are more likely to let the dog sleep in the bed (28%) than older generations, such as 65+ (6%).

To make sure they are hygienically clean, bedsheets should be washed at high temperatures. Whilst this will effectively remove dirt and bacteria, hot washes tend to take longer, which could be one of the reasons bedsheets aren't washed as often as they should be.

However, with technologies such as Beko's AquaTech, pet owners could reduce wash cycles by up to 50%. So, there really are no more excuses to not clean bedsheets regularly.

Sleep specialist, Dr. Katharina Lederle commented on the research:

"For some people changing bed sheets has a positive impact on their relationship with their bed and sleep. And that effect is more psychological, it helps to feel calm and relaxed. Because they focus on the feel and smell of their bedding and thus are in the moment, they are less hooked by unwanted, worrisome thoughts about the past or future.

"This leads to better quality sleep and adds more clarity to the next day. Both, feeling refreshed and present moment awareness aids productivity. This effect might be more pronounced in women as women, on average, experience more anxiety and rumination than men – something that is stopped, at least temporarily, when sleeping in fresh bedding.

The results clearly show that different things can help us sleep well, there is no one-size-fits all. And they also show the importance of sleep for our performance and well-being.

Sleeping well makes you feel good in the day – and for some the reverse is also true, looking forward to getting into bed can improve sleep".

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