Cannabis canines: registered vet shares why pet-owners should be considering giving CBD to their furry friends

CBD is exploding in popularity - from drinks and gummies to shower gels and, now, pet products?

But is giving it to our dogs just a step too far?

Registered vet Dr. Riaz Rhemu speaks on how the cannabis extract may be just what your pooch has been looking for.

Why CBD?

Pure CBD oil can have a wide range of benefits, from reducing anxiety to the management of osteoarthritis; a crippling disease which affects many middle-aged and older dogs. Whilst CBD oil is unlicensed in the UK, studies are now showing its benefit for use in animals suffering from osteoarthritis, and that it can indeed help some patients reduce or even stop using other unlicensed products with time. Evidence shows these patients have reduced pain scores after just four weeks of treatment.

Are there any side effects?

As with any product there are always side effects. Whilst we don't yet have large scale data for CBD oil and dogs, initial data shows very minimal, if any, clinical side effects when the correct version is used at an appropriate dose. Some dogs may have softer stools when starting treatment and some dogs may have an elevation in a specific liver enzyme with no clinical side effect currently noted.

Dogs have slowly migrated from the garden to our beds and with this, we are starting to feed them better and pay closer attention to their nutrition. Dr. Riaz recommends a focus on clean, unprocessed, natural food alongside any supplementation in order to see the most pronounced benefits.

How often should I give my dog CBD?

Based on current studies for treatment of arthritic pain in dogs, supplementation should be administered twice daily. Oils or softgels could be used depending on dose required and weight of your dog. If in doubt, starting low and gradually increasing is the best option. As with any medication, speak to your veterinary surgeon for options and advice prior to starting any treatment.

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