Over 2,000 Dogs Stolen In 2023 - THESE Are The Most Dog Breeds At Risk and Here's How To Keep Them Safe

Katie Court
Authored by Katie Court
Posted: Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - 12:00

The police have released the top 3 dog breeds that are most likely to be stolen. English BulldogsFrench Bulldogs and XL Bullies were the most frequently stolen breeds, with there being a 6% rise in the amount of dogs stolen in 2023 in contrast to 2022. 

Pet theft figures suggest at least 2,290 dogs were stolen in 2023 and the likelihood of reuniting owners with their stolen pets isn’t good. Beverly Cuddy, editor of Dogs Today Magazine said “Shockingly in 2023 almost three quarters of pet owners didn't get their stolen pets back.” 

Dog experts at Kennel Store have provided an expert comment explaining how to prevent having your dog stolen, as these alarming statistics will be worrisome to dog owners.

The recent statistics that have been released are both saddening and alarming. Having your dog stolen is both emotionally devastating and incredibly difficult for the families affected. Here are our top tips to keeping your dog safe:

Microchip your dog

  • Make sure your dog is microchipped and  that the information associated with the chip is up to date. This will make you contactable if your dog is found. 

Don’t leave them outside

  • Avoid leaving your dog alone outside, especially in an unsecured area. Keeping them indoors reduces the risk of them being taken from your garden or outdoor space. 

Be mindful in public

  • When out in public, keep a close eye on your dog and avoid leaving them unattended, even for short periods. 

Use a collar for identification

  • Always have your dog on a lead when outside, and make sure they wear a collar with an identification tag that is up to date. This means you are easily contactable if your dog is found. 

Be cautious of strangers

  • Be mindful of strangers, particularly those who are showing excessive interest in your dog. Examples of this would be asking probing questions, or seem incredibly eager to interact with your dog. 

Avoid leaving your dog in a car unattended

  • Leaving your dog in the car unattended, even for a short period of time, can make them vulnerable to being taken. If you do need to run errands, take your dog with you or leave them at home where they’re safe. ”
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