Clothes drying on rope with clothespins in garden

Clothing expert shares do’s and don’ts when cleaning clothes after a dog walk

When it comes to owning a dog, we know our furry friends can tend to cause some mess from time to time. Whether mud splashes on dog walks to excess fur shedding around the house, owning a dog comes with some cleaning required. Stains and damage to your clothes can be all the more devastating if the clothing happens to be a premium item.

At Fairfax & Favor , we understand the importance of...

Veterinarian Checking Up the Dog Using an Ultrasound Machine

CVS' Maison Dieu Vets to move to new larger practice in Dover

CVS is investing over £1 million to relocate, upgrade and grow its Maison Dieu practice on Granville Street in the centre of Dover.

This spring the surgery is being moved 500m from Maison Dieu Road to a brand new 3,800 square foot purpose-built building on Granville Street.

The new property will enable the practice to increase the number of clients it serves and...

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11 ways to save money on purchases for your pet

In the spirit of National Pet Month, savings accounts expert Lucinda O'Brien has provided some tips on how to keep your furry friend happy without breaking the bank!

Lucinda, savings accounts expert, said:

"Pets are part of the family, so it's natural that we want to give them the best possible care.

However, pet expenses can quickly add up...

Roadside reminder - Hazel's heartbreaking find highlights importance of microchipping your cat

A vet company worker — who's been raising awareness of new cat microchipping laws — has discovered first-hand why it's so important after finding a dead cat on the roadside, unchipped and unidentifiable.

Hazel Willmott, 33, from Bristol, came across the lifeless pet, almost certainly the victim of a hit and run, while on her way to work early on Thursday morning.


Dog sitting in car on city street

How to remove pet hairs and smells from your car

Pet owners have been told the easiest ways to remove hairs and smells from inside their cars. Experts at have named five tips for pet owners to keep their vehicles clean and fresh.

Using a lint roller over the vehicle surfaces is an affordable way to easily lift off any pet hairs that have become stuck. Rubber gloves wiped over the interior will also remove hairs from...

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Pets may help us reduce stress, says PDSA

For stress awareness month this April, vet charity PDSA is highlighting the positive impact that pets may have on our mental health.

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing said: "Stress can affect us all – busy lives, financial pressures, and juggling family and work life can all cause challenges. In fact, the Office for National Statistics found that a third of adults reported high levels of...

THESE 10 UK Cities Get Tails Wagging as the Most Pet-Friendly

Norwich has been named the most pet-friendly UK city for a city break according to new research

With national pet month taking place this month, Howden Insurance analysed Airbnb and property listings available over a weekend (Friday to Sunday), to discover which UK towns and cities have the highest percentage of properties which allow guests to bring their pets.


Man in Blue Denim Jeans Sitting Beside White Short Coat Dog

New polling reveals half of individuals have been forced to choose their pets over housing or face homelessness

New polling from homeless charity St Mungo's reveals new extent of the housing crisis and its impact on people sharing their lives with a pet. 50% of those surveyed reported being placed in situations where they were forced to choose between remaining with their pets or accessing housing.

This situation is ever present, within the last 12 months, 43% of respondents experienced...

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PDSA Q&As 16 April

Dear PDSA Vet,

Is there anything I can do to save money on my pet's care that won't affect their health and happiness? Keira

Dear Keira, many people are struggling right now, but there are ways to save money on pet care that won't impact their welfare. If you have space to store it, buying pet food in bulk can often be cheaper, look out for good online deals. You could learn...

Warning against sharing a bed with pets

Pet owners have been warned sleeping with their pets could expose them to harmful parasites and bugs.

Sleep experts at have revealed six reasons why sleeping with pets can harm health.

Research shows that over 75% of dog owners allow their pets to sleep in their bed with them, proving co-sleeping is a popular practice. Unfortunately for pet owners who enjoy...

RSPCA launches 'For Every Kind' campaign in South West to 'rethink animals' in 200th year

The RSPCA says we need to "radically rethink" our relationship with all animals as it launches its new For Every Kind campaign to mark its 200th year - as it reveals in the South West there is a stark difference between what people think those living in our homes, in the wild, on farms or in labs deserve.

The charity reveals new polling which shows a stark difference in the way we...