How much sleep do your pets need?

Animal loving Brits are being told the ample amount of sleep their pets need to re energise and live a healthy lifestyle.

Fitted furniture experts at have researched how much sleep is considered a normal amount for our pets. All animals are different and they don't all sleep at night. Some will sleep during the day and become active at dusk and dawn.

The amount...

Shallow Focus Photo of Green Bird

7 Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Caring For Your Pet

Many pet owners up and down the country are worrying about how they will afford to give their furry, four-legged friends the best quality of life during these times of rising costs. In fact, searches for 'pet coupon codes' have increased by a huge 7700% over the last few months.

That being said, Discounts Expert Nick Drewe of Wethrift has provided some tips for how owners can reduce...

Get involved with the Big Garden Birdwatch with Yale’s Outdoor Cameras

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) will have its annual Big Garden Birdwatch on the 28th-30th January 2022. As a conservation charity, the RSPB is encouraging us to get back to nature by spending one hour watching and counting the various species of birds in our local parks or gardens.

In 2021, over one million people took part and counted over 17 million birds. If...


Starving seagulls turn on binmen

Flying rats, pests, vermin… seagulls don’t get the best press - but their savage attacks on bewildered binmen have sealed their reputation.

Refuse collectors across the UK are reporting being dive-bombed by starving gulls, desperate to get their talons on morsels of food. It sounds shocking, but this isn’t new behaviour for seagulls - many terrified residents of coastal towns report...

Pickles the Leeds Castle Swan Turns 30

Pickles the Leeds Castle Swan Turns 30!

Regular visitors to Leeds Castle will be familiar with the varied wildlife that lives on the estate and one of the residents is celebrating their 30th birthday this month. The grounds are home to 'Pickles', believed to be the oldest swan in the UK.

Pickles is a Whooper Swan, a large white swan with a long thin neck and black legs. He is easily recognisable by his large vibrant yellow...

Baby Harris Hawk

Baby Harris Hawk 'Gallo' Born at Leeds Castle

The Falconry and Wildlife team at Leeds Castle are delighted to announce the arrival of baby Harris Hawk 'Gallo', a feathery new addition to the Castle's Bird of Prey Centre, born as part of a successful Bird of Prey breeding programme to dad 'Keye' and mum 'Texas'.

Keye and Texas are two of the longest serving members of the Leeds Castle Falconry team who share a special bond....


Five top tips to keep happy pet chickens laying eggs

  • There are now an estimated 1.5 million home chicken keepers in the UK who will be looking at their flocks for more eggs now the clocks have changed.
  • Pet chickens can lay eggs up to once a day and offer a great source of protein with tasty breakfasts for the whole family.
  • Chickens can be fussy; five top tips for eggcellent production from your garden or urban
  • ...