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PDSA Weekly Pet Care Column: Vet Nurse debunks common rat myths

It's safe to say that most people don't quite understand rats. Whilst some may consider wild rats to be a pest, pet rats can actually make great companions. These furry critters have a lot more to offer than meets the eye; they are intelligent, affectionate, and, dare we say it, downright adorable!

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing is busting some common rat myths.

Myth: Rats were...

Jollyes Easter Bunny Ban From Thursday 28 March

On Thursday (28 March), nationwide pet retailer Jollyes will be putting in place a six day ban on the sale of rabbits to make sure shoppers don't make an impulsive purchase over the Easter period.

The UK's second largest pet retailer will 'paws' the sale of bunnies from Thursday 28 March until Tuesday 2 April 2024. The bunny ban, which Jollyes has led for decades, prevents the...

Rabbit Awareness Week returns with focus on Healthy Diet, Happy Bunnies

The Rabbit Awareness Action Group (RAAG), the trusted voice for rabbit welfare which draws on the combined knowledge of a coalition of experts, announces the return of its key campaign, Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW).

This year's theme, Healthy Diet, Happy Bunnies, has today been launched at the BSAVA Congress 2024.

Organised by Burgess Pet Care , RAW, which is endorsed by the...

PDSA Weekly Pet Care Column: Keeping happy bunnies this Easter

With Easter around the corner, we're bound to see lots of Easter bunnies around from cards to bunny shaped sweet treats!

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing shares the top tips for keeping bunnies at home.

Nina said: "Rabbits may seem like an 'easier' pet to have, but there's lots to know about rabbits, and they do require a lot of space, care and attention to keep them happy and...

How much sleep do your pets need?

Animal loving Brits are being told the ample amount of sleep their pets need to re energise and live a healthy lifestyle.

Fitted furniture experts at Online-Bedrooms.co.uk have researched how much sleep is considered a normal amount for our pets. All animals are different and they don't all sleep at night. Some will sleep during the day and become active at dusk and dawn.


Shallow Focus Photo of Green Bird

7 Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Caring For Your Pet

Many pet owners up and down the country are worrying about how they will afford to give their furry, four-legged friends the best quality of life during these times of rising costs. In fact, searches for 'pet coupon codes' have increased by a huge 7700% over the last few months.

That being said, Discounts Expert Nick Drewe of Wethrift has provided some tips for how owners can reduce...

Photo of a cute puppy

Here's how to take the perfect pet photo

Pet lovers can take the perfect picture of their furry friends thanks to new advice from photo experts.

With Britain being a nation of animal lovers millions of us take hundreds of photographs of our beloved pets every year, according to experts from ParrotPrint.com . But most of the pictures we take are badly composed or lit and in many cases are blurred too.

But with some...

Lawyers Looking at Divorce Paper

The rise of the pet prenups: Lawyers seeing divorcees turn to ‘pet-napping'

62% of households in the UK are now pet owners, so it is no surprise that one of the most common questions relating to divorce is: "what happens to the dog?". This is an even more pertinent question following the rise of dog purchases during the Covid19 pandemic to accompany us on our one walk a day.

Pet owners will be saddened to hear that, in the eyes of the law, our furry friends...

Cat Lying Under the Car

Motorists urged to make vital animal check this January

Drivers have been urged to check for any animals seeking refuge in their vehicles on cold winter mornings to prevent harming any beloved pets.

Motoring experts at LeaseCar.uk say animals could meet a tragic fate if unsuspecting drivers set off while they are still sheltering. The experts also warn that if an animal gets stuck in the car it could result in extensive and costly damage...

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A Dog Can Now Cost Owners Over £100k in a Lifetime!

HUGE STUDY Reveals the True Lifetime Cost of Pet Ownership – It's Time For Pet Owners to Dig Deep

Over £106k for a pampered pooch, up to £85k for a mollycoddled kitty – these are the latest figures for lifetime pet ownership costs according to a new study by HouseholdPets.co.uk. With hidden costs not accounted for by other research and inflation ignored – owning a pet could be significantly...

Empty apartment with packed carton boxes before moving

Expert Tips for Moving House with Furry Friends

Before, During and After: Top Tips for Moving Home with your Pet

Moving home can be exciting and daunting all at the same time, not only for you, but for your pets. New environments, scents and routines can leave your pets feeling anxious and overwhelmed, taking the excitement out of your next new adventure. That's why property experts Cala Homes , who sell 3,000 homes a year, teamed up with...