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Hundreds of guinea pigs dumped and neglected this year, RSPCA reveals on Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

This Guinea Pig Appreciation Day (July 16) the charity reveals the upsetting side of pet ownership

In 2021 RSPCA frontline officers and inspectors have already dealt with 272 incidents relating to guinea pigs .

Sadly, 66 were simply abandoned and 153 were given the heartbreaking description 'neglected'.

This follows a time when the country saw a surge in pet ownership...


PDSA Vets Q&A: Is it safe to get rabbits neutered?

We understand that some owners might be worried about getting their rabbits neutered or spayed. Our vets are here to help put your mind at ease.

Operations can be scary – especially when they’re on our pets. We’re not saying that operations are completely without risk, but often the benefits far outweigh these.

When your rabbits are neutered or spayed, they will need to have a...


Discover which small pet is the right fit for you

Owning a small pet can be a truly rewarding experience and there are a whole host of different pets to choose from. Each type of small pet has their own different traits and natural behaviours.

It’s important to do your research first to make sure your new pet will suit your lifestyle and give you what you want from pet ownership.

Remember – when you become a pet owner, you’re...

Grey Chinchilla

Are Chinchillas the right pet for you?

Chinchillas are highly active, especially in the early morning, evening and during the night. They can live for up to 15 years and have very specific needs. They're wonderful to watch as they explore their enclosures and make use of any toys, levels, hammocks and next boxes.

Chinchilla's live much longer than other small pets so it's important to bear this in mind - getting a chinchilla is a...


Rabbits endure a lifetime of lockdown isolation

While many of us may have struggled with isolation during lockdown, sadly hundreds of thousands of rabbits face a lifetime of endless isolation and loneliness says PDSA.

We are raising awareness of the plight our cotton-tailed companions suffer during Rabbit Awareness Week (which started on 10 August) when animal charities and organisations come together in a bid to address the rabbit welfare...

Golden Pet Rat

Four curious facts you probably didn't know about rats

A blog by Chloe Stevens, one of our scientific officers and animals in science experts.

Many of us have been finding social distancing tough over the last year but did you know that fulfilling social lives are important to rats too? Here at the RSPCA, we always try to encourage people to see rats as the intelligent and sentient animals they are! Today on the blog, we're talking about...

Guinea pigs

Nine facts you need to know before getting guinea pigs

Guinea pigs can make great pets but it's important to do your research before welcoming any pet into your home. Guinea pigs may be small but they have very specific and complex needs and it's important for prospective owners to know more about their future pets before bringing them home. This is a handy list of nine key facts that you should know before you get guinea pigs.

1. Guinea...

RSPCA rescue pets can still find new homes in lockdown

The RSPCA will continue to rehome rescue animals on a delivery basis during the ongoing lockdowns in both England and Wales. Pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and other small furry animals will remain available for adoption as RSPCA centres - now closed to the public - switch to a virtual rehoming and delivery process. The animal welfare charity has 14 national animal centres across...

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