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Help Your Anxious or Car Sick Dog Feel Better in the Car

Ensuring Your Dog’s Comfort: A Guide to Easing Anxiety and Car Sickness on Road Trips

For some dogs, the mere mention of a car ride sparks excitement and joy. However, for others, it can trigger feelings of anxiety or lead to unpleasant bouts of car sickness. Fortunately, with some proactive measures and thoughtful planning, you can help your furry companion feel more at ease during car...

How much sleep do your pets need?

Animal loving Brits are being told the ample amount of sleep their pets need to re energise and live a healthy lifestyle.

Fitted furniture experts at have researched how much sleep is considered a normal amount for our pets. All animals are different and they don't all sleep at night. Some will sleep during the day and become active at dusk and dawn.


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7 Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Caring For Your Pet

Many pet owners up and down the country are worrying about how they will afford to give their furry, four-legged friends the best quality of life during these times of rising costs. In fact, searches for 'pet coupon codes' have increased by a huge 7700% over the last few months.

That being said, Discounts Expert Nick Drewe of Wethrift has provided some tips for how owners can reduce...

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Motorists urged to make vital animal check this January

Drivers have been urged to check for any animals seeking refuge in their vehicles on cold winter mornings to prevent harming any beloved pets.

Motoring experts at say animals could meet a tragic fate if unsuspecting drivers set off while they are still sheltering. The experts also warn that if an animal gets stuck in the car it could result in extensive and costly damage...

Catherine Thomas, Winner of Rabbit Vet of the Year

The Veterinary Professionals and Practices Crowned Champions in the Burgess Excel Vet Awards 2023

The organisers of the Burgess Excel Vet Awards , which celebrate the dedication and hard work of veterinary practices and individuals to improving the welfare of the UK's rabbits and guinea pigs, are delighted to announce the 2023 winners and finalists.

A judging panel comprising industry experts, veterinary professionals and rabbit specialists have chosen one winner across seven...

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A Dog Can Now Cost Owners Over £100k in a Lifetime!

HUGE STUDY Reveals the True Lifetime Cost of Pet Ownership – It's Time For Pet Owners to Dig Deep

Over £106k for a pampered pooch, up to £85k for a mollycoddled kitty – these are the latest figures for lifetime pet ownership costs according to a new study by With hidden costs not accounted for by other research and inflation ignored – owning a pet could be significantly...

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Rodent Neutering Free Webinar with Dr Sophie Jenkins: Save Your Seat

Burgess Pet Care has announced their sponsorship of the free Rodent Neutering webinar, taking place on Tuesday 5th December, helping us to understand the advantages and health benefits of neutering.

Sponsored by Burgess Pet Care and led by Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine and Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Sophie Jenkins BVetMed PgC EAS CertExAP MRCVS, the webinar will carefully...

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Expert Tips for Moving House with Furry Friends

Before, During and After: Top Tips for Moving Home with your Pet

Moving home can be exciting and daunting all at the same time, not only for you, but for your pets. New environments, scents and routines can leave your pets feeling anxious and overwhelmed, taking the excitement out of your next new adventure. That's why property experts Cala Homes , who sell 3,000 homes a year, teamed up with...

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9 ways to make your garden more pet-friendly

Pet parents are being urged to make their back garden safer and more enjoyable for their four-legged friends this summer. Green-thumbed experts at have explored nine helpful ways to help protect pets from the dangers of an enclosed outdoor space. The garden is a pet's favourite place to relax and roll around, but many find themselves in hot water when they...

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Expert advises on what to do when your insurance doesn’t cover your pet’s health problems

When your pet gets ill or is injured, it's a big concern, especially since it can be very expensive and difficult to afford. To avoid stressing you out with unexpected bills, here are 5 things to consider when it comes to covering your pet's health, according to an expert from Petplan, including tips on what to do if you find yourself in a tricky financial situation.

1. Why is it...
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Last chance to have your say in the Great British Small Animal survey!

Over 6,000 owners have already shared their views on pets' wellbeing

With less than a week to go before the closure of a UK-wide survey which will delve into the wellbeing of the nation's small pets, organisers Burgess Pet Care are calling on the nation's pet lovers to have their say.

The Great British Small Animal Census focuses on small animals' five welfare needs -...