Tan and White Basset Hound Near the Christmas Tree

Vet reveals how to SAFELY share your Christmas dinner with your dog

With the exciting Christmas festivities swiftly approaching, it's important to remember our four-legged friends who are just as keen to get involved, especially with all the amazing smells swirling around!

Your traditional Christmas dinner is usually made up of a satisfying mix of high-quality meat, vegetables and carbohydrates. But which of these delicious foods are dog-friendly and can be...

Bank Notes

Eight ways to lower the cost of owning a dog

Having a furry friend for a companion can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but owning a dog is expensive. They need high-quality food, toys to keep them entertained, comfortable sleeping arrangements, accessories, grooming appointments and regular checkups at the vet.

To help cut the cost down of owning a dog, the team at have shared their top eight tips to care for...

Veterinarians Operating on a Bird

TV vet leads castration debate to help shift UK’s ‘neuter as standard’ mindset

Leading UK vet, James Greenwood, has spoken out today (Monday) to back calls to change widespread policies that see neutering dogs as a standard procedure amongst pet owners.

The UK has the highest canine castration rate in Europe with it traditionally viewed in the same way as vaccination and parasite control, and as a way of controlling behaviour and over-population. But according...

Festive poodles

Festive dos and don’ts – how your pets can have a pawsome Christmas!

As the season to be merry is well underway, we want to spend time with our nearest and dearest, including our not-so-secret favourites of the family, our beloved pets. However, it is easy to forget the risks Christmas can pose to our furry friends in the run-up to the big day. From pesky sticky tape to toxic treats, the festive season can present a world of hidden dangers.

A whopping...

kitten being scanned for a microchip by nurse

Battersea highlights importance of microchipping pets as charity reveals only 2% of stray cats are reunited with their owner

A new report on pet microchipping from animal welfare charity Battersea, shows a troubling decline in effective microchipping of both cats and dogs.

In 2022, only two per cent of stray cats brought to Battersea were able to be reunited with their owners through a microchip, and three out of five cats (59 per cent) brought to the centres were not microchipped at all, highlighting major...

Woman and a Man Presenting Image on a Laptop Screen to a Dog

The best dog breeds for the office according to a vet

What are the most office-friendly dog breeds?

Is there anything better than having a furry companion to melt the stress away during your working day? Workplace solutions specialist, Adam Butler, CEO of Officeology spoke with Dr Linda Simon, Vet at Pooch and Mutt , to find out what breeds make the best office dogs and her top tips on how to introduce them to office life.

Adam said: "...

A dog receiving medical treatment

Dogs 75% More Likely To Be POISONED At Christmas

With Christmas on its way and many of us ready to indulge in some festive treats, this time of year isn’t always fun for all the family. Dogs are 75% more likely to need a vet visit in December, so dog experts Kennel Store have weighed in and provided an expert comment on which foods are toxic for dogs, and what owners can do to prevent their dogs becoming unwell.

“Whilst it may be...

Cat with Food

Charities working together to provide over a million meals to the nation's pets

Thousands of dogs and cats across the UK have been enjoying nutritious meals at no cost to their owners, through a programme set up by leading animal charities and the UK’s biggest food waste charity.

The Pet Food Partnership, comprising Battersea, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, RSPCA and FareShare, and supported by Petplan, recently passed the significant milestone of one million...

Empty apartment with packed carton boxes before moving

Expert Tips for Moving House with Furry Friends

Before, During and After: Top Tips for Moving Home with your Pet

Moving home can be exciting and daunting all at the same time, not only for you, but for your pets. New environments, scents and routines can leave your pets feeling anxious and overwhelmed, taking the excitement out of your next new adventure. That's why property experts Cala Homes , who sell 3,000 homes a year, teamed up with...

A dog at Christmas

How to Pet-Proof Your Christmas Decorations This Year

From vibrant Christmas trees covered in brightly-coloured baubles and twinkling tinsel to Santa's stockings and the presents within, your dog will probably view most of your festive decorations as perfectly irresistible playthings.

Luckily for dog parents everywhere, the expert team at have put together a list of ways to protect your decorations from dog-related damages,...

Person Opening a Door with a Bar

Pet theft HOTSPOTS revealed as nearly 5,000 dogs stolen in last six years

With 3.2 million UK families acquiring a pet since the start of the pandemic, Freedom of Information requests reveal where in the UK is suffering from the highest number of dog thefts in recent years and what breeds are being targeted.

Following a 57% increase in searches for 'how to prevent your dog being stolen' in the past year², experts from natural dog food retailer Dragonfly...