No one should have to choose between their dog and somewhere safe to sleep – Dogs Trust’s Together Through Homelessness project supports 10,000th dog

A project which helps to care for the dogs of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness has reached the impressive milestone of supporting 10,000 dogs with over 30,000 free vet treatments. Not only has this improved the welfare of thousands of dogs around the UK, but it's also enabled many more dogs to remain in the care of their owners.

The Together Through Homelessness project, run by...

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New research highlights ageing dog healthcare needs

New research from the University of Liverpool, funded by BSAVA PetSavers, shows that dog owners think many important changes in their older pets are 'just old age', when actually they are signs of serious health problems.

The researchers surveyed more than 600 dog owners and more than 300 veterinary professionals across the UK. Dog owners were asked if they had noticed any of a list...

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A supplement a day can keep the vet away (and save you a fortune in the long run)

By Dr Guy Sandelowsky , vet and co-founder of plant-based dog food company Omni

Owning a pet can be an expensive business. As a vet, I am constantly seeing pets with the same mobility, anxiety and gut issues on a daily basis.

Prevention is always better than cure. Of course, once your dog has a problem, there’s a drug for almost everything. But all these drugs come with side...

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How to give your dog a bath when it doesn't want one

Dog owners are being offered easy-to-follow tips on how to get their four-legged friend used to bathtime. Experts at have revealed six ways to help dogs get used to regularly bathing in the tub.

The idea of bathtime may seem like a nightmare to some dogs as they can often feel confined and are scared of the running water. However, consistent training and careful handling...

Your dog could be bringing hay fever into your home

Hay fever sufferers are being warned their four-legged friend could be bringing pollen into the home. The experts at are advising pet owners to be cautious when stroking their dogs during high-pollen days. Hay fever allergies peak in the UK during Spring and Summer time as grass, tree and weed pollen sweeps across the country.

Typical signs of hay fever include...

Loss of pet dog inspires London Marathon entry

A keen runner is going the extra mile for pets in need after signing up to this year's TCS London Marathon in memory of her dog who died last year.

Joanne Dobie, (46), is running the 26.2-mile challenge to raise vital funds for leading vet charity PDSA after losing her dog, a black labrador cross called Coopers, last year to cancer.

"We lost our lovely girl Coopers last year...

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New heart survey open to all breeds

The Kennel Club, in partnership with the Veterinary Cardiology Society (VCS), has developed a new online survey, which aims to improve understanding of prevalence and type of heart disease affecting different pedigree dog breeds.

The survey hopes to gain insight which will help get a better understanding of the need for heart testing across breeds, as well as any breed-specific...

It's a dog's life! 'Grumpy' Border Terriers are Britain's most PAMPERED pooches – how spoilt is YOUR pet?

Border Terriers are Britain's most pampered pooches - lavished with more than £50,000 of toys, treats and clothes over their lifetime, a study by Burns Pet Nutrition can reveal.

Despite being likened to 'grumpy old men', these small and scruffy sidekicks have little to be down about given their owners' annual £4,331 splurge on gifts and goodies.

The survey by the healthy dog...

MSPs and their dogs compete for prestigious Holyrood Dog of the Year title

On Monday 29th April, 13 MSPs will go paw-to-paw to win the coveted title of 'Holyrood Dog of the Year' 2024.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes, regardless of breed, creed or 'pawlitical' persuasion, will be strutting their stuff with their MSP owners, as they head to the Scottish Parliament gardens at Horse Wynd, Edinburgh, to see who will be crowned top dog.

Organised jointly...

Dog's life saved by a doorbell camera

An adorable puppy called Cody came within millimetres of losing his life after a garden stone he swallowed got stuck behind his vocal cords.

The three-centimetre-long triangular stone blocked Cody's larynx – making it sound like he had a bad cough when in fact he was gasping for air with only the tiniest space either side of the stone for oxygen to pass through.

By a...

Kennel Club announces YKC Agility Team GB 2024

The Kennel Club has announced the team members who will represent Young Kennel Club (YKC) Agility Team GB at the Junior Open Agility World Championships, which will be held at the Sentower Park in Belgium, from 18 – 21 July.

The successful handlers and dogs were chosen following two try-out events, which concluded at Dog Sports Derby, YKC Agility Team GB sponsor, on 24 March....