Dog theft prevention app - hoping to save the 50+ dogs who are stolen EVERY WEEK in the UK

After falling in love with her dog Brutus , Warwickshire local and former criminal defence lawyer Sara Burney (45) set out to make sure no dog is torn from its home again.

Research conducted by Direct Line Insurance has revealed that 2,438 dogs were stolen from their owners in 2020 - around 7 per day. A staggering 98% of offences do not result in prosecution .

After she and her family...

How to Recognise The Signs of Spring Allergies in Your Dog

Just like with us humans, our dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies. Although allergy symptoms display differently in dogs, they often have the same triggers.

Most springtime allergies are caused by environmental conditions, like the increased level of pollen in the air when flowers bloom, and grass, weeds and trees flourish.

Sean McCormack, Head Vet at has...

Cannabis canines: registered vet shares why pet-owners should be considering giving CBD to their furry friends

CBD is exploding in popularity - from drinks and gummies to shower gels and, now, pet products?

But is giving it to our dogs just a step too far?

Registered vet Dr. Riaz Rhemu speaks on how the cannabis extract may be just what your pooch has been looking for.

Why CBD?

Pure CBD oil can have a wide range of benefits, from reducing anxiety to the...

Lead by Example – Responsible dog owners should consider other animals

  • Last year saw an increase in the number of reported dog attacks on livestock [1] , with one Monmouthshire farmer reporting a loss of 50 ewes and their unborn lambs in January 2021
  • Whilst 42% of owners think dogs should be on a lead around livestock, only a quarter actually do so
  • 1 in 5 (19%) dog owners say their dog has killed another animal and 70% have witnessed
  • ...

A PARTY FIT FOR A ROYAL DOG - The New Forest Dogstival 2022 is all Paws Set


Canine kings and queens are set to descend on Broadlands Park, Hampshire for Dogstival , who are creating the royal-ist of four-legged Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The festival, fit for Her Dog-Loving Majesty, will...

Photo by Juan Gomez on Unsplash  

42% of dogs are overweight - here’s how to get your pet back into shape

A new study carried out by has revealed the scale of the overweight epidemic in dogs in the UK, with 42% of the dogs joining their service being overweight or obese.

Worryingly, the research has shown that obese dogs have shortened life spans by up to a year. That's why the team of specialists at have shared their top tips to getting your dog back into shape....

Company launches 'Pawsitively Fresh' candle to mask the smell of wet dog

  • With winter in full swing, Canine Cottages has created its 'Pawsitively-Fresh' candle aiming to mask the smell of wet dogs, with calming lavender and sweet lilac
  • 75% of Brits say they never walk their dog in bad weather
  • Half (49%) of Brits would purchase a product to get rid of the awful wet-dog smell

Are you struggling to get rid of that wet-dog...

10 expert tips to improve you and your pets wellbeing on walks


Walkies and workouts: expert shares top tips how to make winter walks more fun for you and your pet

It can often be easy to forget about all the health and social benefits dog owners reap from walking their furry companions regularly. A regular walk is not only vitally important for your pet's health but is...

Dog attacks: Experts answer commonly asked questions, including what to do if you’re attacked, and the warning signs to look out for

The Compensation Experts answer some of Google's most asked questions surrounding dog attacks to help both owners and victims

Over the last 12 months, UK searches1 for 'dog attack' have increased by +125%, whilst searches for 'dog attack what to do?' have increased by +100%. But what should you do if you're attacked by a dog, and what steps should owners take to avoid their dog attacking...

Three in 10 pet owners feed their dogs toxic foods

  • Canine Cottages has teamed up with an expert to uncover toxic foods that Brits may be feeding their dogs, with advice on what to do if your pet consumes toxic treats
  • Nearly 30% of pooch parents admit to feeding their pet something toxic without knowing
  • Interactive tool showcases the effects of these toxic foods on our dog's bodies

Nearly three in 10...

12 Questions to Ask Before Committing to a Doggy Daycare

Work or life commitments mean that you are not always available to look after your dog, and parting ways with your pooch can be stressful for everyone involved. That is why if you are going to use one, finding the right doggy daycare for your four-legged friend is crucial.

As part of their Doggy Daycare Report , the personal finance experts at have compiled a list of ten important...

Wagathon walk 9k for K9s