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7 Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Caring For Your Pet

Many pet owners up and down the country are worrying about how they will afford to give their furry, four-legged friends the best quality of life during these times of rising costs. In fact, searches for 'pet coupon codes' have increased by a huge 7700% over the last few months.

That being said, Discounts Expert Nick Drewe of Wethrift has provided some tips for how owners can reduce their costs when caring for their beloved pets. 


Buy pet food in bulk 

One of the most obvious costs of owning a pet is keeping them well fed, with many pet owners feeling concerned about how they will afford this ongoing cost. Obviously, no loving pet owner wants to see their four-legged friend go hungry, and luckily, there is a simple way to lower this cost.

Pet food subscriptions are a great way to reduce these costs, as they typically work out cheaper than if you are buying individual packs of pet food from a supermarket or grocery store. Just remember to always check terms and conditions and cancellation dates, so that if you do wish to unsubscribe at any point - you don't want to get hit with any additional charges.


Learn how to groom your pet yourself

Grooming can also be a costly element of owning a pet, particularly if you own a breed of cat or dog with long or thick hair that requires regular trips to the local groomer.  It's worthwhile taking the time and effort to learn how to groom your pet and save on those expensive grooming fees. There are plenty of online resources that are specific to certain breeds, as well online tutorial videos that can provide you with key guidance and advice. 


Cut out expensive pet sitters

A third costly element of owning a pet can be dog sitters or dog walkers. Generally, the price of doggy care can be eye-watering depending on where you go, and is simply an additional cost that many owners may be looking to cut down on. If you have any family members, friends, or perhaps even neighbours who would be happy to dog sit while you're working, this is an ideal way to reduce additional pet costs.

Additionally, there are pet services like BorrowMyDoggy or Share My Pet that allow trusted people in your local area to walk, care and spend time with your pet.


Purchase pet insurance 

If you haven't got a policy in place already, pet insurance is always worthwhile when it comes to money saving. Although this may seem like adding an additional monthly expense to your general pet care costs, it will likely save you a large amount of money in the future should your pet require veterinary care. The costs of vet fees can be staggering, and the small monthly payments to your insurer will seem insignificant by comparison. 


Free or discounted veterinary care

Your pet may be eligible for free or discounted veterinary care. The PDSA is a specialist pet charity that strives to provide care and wellbeing for all pets. Pet owners who are provided financial support and are unable to afford heavy vet fees should their pet fall unwell or get injured can utilise the PDSA's animal hospital services for a free or reduced cost. Utilise PDSA's eligibility checker to see if you are eligible for this here


Buy second hand

Many owners love to spoil their beloved pets, and of course, they deserve it. But whether it be regularly buying new toys, or bed, the costs can quickly begin to add up. That's why it's always worthwhile looking into purchasing second hand toys and other products to help you to save on costs. Not only is it beneficial from a cost saving perspective, but it is also a great way to shop sustainably and reduce wastage, particularly when it comes to plastic-based toys and equipment. 

Facebook marketplace and other resale sites are the perfect place to start, as well as joining local pet community groups and keeping an eye out for any pet owners looking to donate preloved supplies. 


Make your own tasty treats 

Again, we all love treating our pets -  and treats always come in handy especially if you're using them to train your pet. If you're looking to cut down on how much you're spending on treats, then why not make your own using leftovers from household ingredients?Once again, saving you money and helping to reduce your food wastage at the same time. There are plenty of recipes online that can be used - homemade peanut butter and banana dog treats are popular choices right now.

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