Your dog could be bringing hay fever into your home

Tom Stone
Authored by Tom Stone
Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2024 - 08:00

Hay fever sufferers are being warned their four-legged friend could be bringing pollen into the home.

The experts at are advising pet owners to be cautious when stroking their dogs during high-pollen days.  Hay fever allergies peak in the UK during Spring and Summer time as grass, tree and weed pollen sweeps across the country.

Typical signs of hay fever include a blocked or runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and tiredness.  While symptoms can be aided by taking medication, eating certain foods and wearing sunglasses, they can unfortunately be triggered by dogs who have been outside.  This happens when dogs come back into the house with pollen stuck to their paws and fur.

The experts advise owners to wipe their dogs' paws once they return inside and to wash their bedding regularly during high-pollen days.  Nic Shacklock, from, said: "While Spring is a beautiful time with flowers blossoming and the weather warming up, it can be one of the worst times of the year for hay fever sufferers.

"It can be more dire for those who own a dog as pollen can naturally stick to their fur and paws which can trigger allergies when they come back into the house.  We advise owners to be cautious when stroking their dogs after they've been outside on high-pollen days as it can result in some nasty side effects.  Wiping their paws, brushing their fur and washing their bedding regularly can reduce the likelihood of pollen to prevent hay fever being triggered."


Six ways to help hay fever with dogs in the house:


  1. Wipe their paws

Each time your dog has been out on a walk or in the garden, wipe their paws down with a warm, damp cloth to help remove pollen.


  1. Wear a face mask

Wearing a face mask when removing the pollen off of your dog can prevent from triggering allergies. Make sure to wear the right type of mask as not all of them are designed to filter out pollen.


  1. Brush their fur

During high pollen days, the particles tend to stick to dogs' fur which can then be brought indoors and cause allergies among owners. It's worth regularly brushing their fur before hay fever kicks in.


  1. Wash bedding

 Once dogs settle in their bed, the pollen from their fur can attach itself to the bedding meaning it'll be lingering around the house and making symptoms worse. Put the bedding on a wash every time they've been outside on high-pollen days.


  1. Bathe your dogs

 Giving your pets a quick wash and scrub can help to remove the pollen after they've been outside. Doing this can reduce the amount of lingering pollen.


  1. Avoid letting them in the bedroom

If your dog is roaming around the bedroom with  fur-infested pollen it's likely the particles will spread around the room which may trigger nasty allergies at night. Avoid letting them into the bedroom to prevent the pollen from spreading.

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