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Clothing expert shares do’s and don’ts when cleaning clothes after a dog walk

When it comes to owning a dog, we know our furry friends can tend to cause some mess from time to time. Whether mud splashes on dog walks to excess fur shedding around the house, owning a dog comes with some cleaning required. Stains and damage to your clothes can be all the more devastating if the clothing happens to be a premium item.

At Fairfax & Favor, we understand the importance of proper clothes care and maintenance so wanted to share our cleaning tips to avoid if you want to keep your clothes in premium condition. Assistant Press Manager, Charlie Cooke, shares the following advice:

Don't put premium coats in the washing machine

Washing machines can be harsh on premium clothing, so you should be careful choosing what to put in one. This advice is all the more important if you have a waxed cotton jacket, as the excess water will strip the waxed coating. Every coat will come with wash instructions so take the time to check before you wash anything. Typically, brush excess dirt off and wipe your coat clean to remove the majority of mud, ensure the mud is dry before you do this. You can try vacuuming excessive dirt to get rid of this before you attempt to dry clean your item. 

Do invest in a humidifier

Did you know that using a humidifier throughout your home can actually deter pet hair from sticking to your clothes? As it adds moisture to the air, it prevents static buildup which causes shedding of hair from your pet. Dampening your carpet slightly before using a humidifier can increase the results from this by creating more moisture in the air.

Don't leave dog hair to build up on your pet

Tackling the problem of excess hair at the source will enable you to better manage it. Regularly brushing your pet will keep their coat healthy and reduce the amount of stray hairs which can accumulate around your house and stick to your clothes. Regularly bathing your dog can also help with this, not only being good for your pets cleanliness but also helping reduce mess around your home.

Do clean mud out of leather as soon as possible

Mud can have an adverse effect on quality leather, as it dries out the material if left for too long. This is caused by movement of your leather goods whilst they have mud on them, the dirt and oil becomes abrasive and breaks down any surface dye which leads to cracks. Wiping or brushing off mud at the earliest opportunity will enable you to prevent long term damage to your leather jacket or boots.

Don't brush dirt off of suede clothing too harshly 

Putting too much force into brushing suede items can cause colour to transfer and can create damage to the fabric itself. Test a sample of the fabric and start lightly, only applying enough pressure as is needed without going too far as to damage your suede boots, clothing or jackets.

Do use drying techniques to remove wet dog smells

Whilst you may love your furry friend, you may want to avoid the smell of wet dog in your clothing. For items appropriate for the dryer, you should first use a lint roller to remove the excess hairs before putting on a cycle in your washing machine, next place clothing in a dryer with a dryer ball to remove any last traces of pet odour.

Don't store wet jackets inside closets

If the heavens opened whilst on your walk, you may feel the urge to store your rained-on jacket out of sight, but this could cause more bad than good. This can cause mould and damp if you leave wet items in storage. You should hang your jacket on a stand or a hanger and let it air dry before you put it back into storage in your closet.

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