Doncaster vets practice saves ‘piggy bank’ kitten who swallowed a 5p coin

A poorly kitten has been saved by a Doncaster vets practice after she swallowed a 5p coin.

Owner Jackie Thurlow took her beloved Poppy to Arundell Vets in Kirk Sandall after she started vomiting, lost her appetite and stopped going to the toilet.

Vet Susana Recio examined the 11-month-old and could feel something hard in her stomach so Poppy was sedated, and X-rays revealed the surprise obstruction.

The offending piece of small change was surgically removed during a delicate operation, saving Poppy from the risk of a ruptured intestine or peritonitis – an infection in the abdomen which can be serious and often fatal.

Arundell Vets is now warning other owners to always seek urgent veterinary advice if their pet swallows anything suspicious as it could be harmful.

Poppy, a domestic short-haired cat, has made a good recovery and is back to her mischievous self at home in Branton with her sister Coco.  

Susana said: “When we saw the foreign body on the X-ray, we knew it was something metal and round but it was a real surprise to discover it was a 5p coin.

“Without surgery, her bowel would have ruptured and caused septic peritonitis which can be fatal. If anyone is at all concerned that their pet has swallowed a foreign body, my advice is to go to your vet as soon as possible.”
Jackie said her curious kitten had always had a tendency to ingest things she shouldn’t since she and Coco were adopted from an animal rescue charity, forcing her and husband Tony to ‘Poppy-proof’ their home.

She said: “When you get kittens, you don’t think you’ll need to go to the vets very often but in a situation like this it’s good to know you’re with a practice you can trust, with all the facilities and equipment.

“Poppy eats everything. We have replaced our wool carpet with laminate flooring throughout because she was eating it and we have got rid of all the plants because she just eats them. My husband used to leave his coins on the bedside cabinet so it’s possible she got the 5p from there.

“She is like a little child. I have never known a cat like her but hopefully she will grow out of it.

“When she was poorly, she started vomiting so we took her straight to the vets. They gave her anti-sickness medication and she was fine for a couple of days but then she started vomiting again and wouldn’t eat. We noticed she hadn’t been to the toilet either, so we took her back.

“The vet asked if we were happy for her to be X-rayed and said it would involve surgery if they found anything. I asked when they would do the surgery and they said ‘now’. I was very impressed with Arundell Vets; they did exactly what they said they would, and she has been very lucky.

“I was shocked when I saw the coin on the X-ray. It was a serious operation, but she is fine now, and Arundell Vets have been fabulous in how they looked after her.”

Arundell Vets is advising people to seek veterinary advice if their pet is suffering from symptoms such as vomiting, a reduced appetite and not going to the toilet as often, which can be a sign that they have swallowed a foreign body.

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