RSPCA’s long-stay rabbit been waiting for TWO YEARS to be adopted

White rabbit Casey is only two years and six months old - so has been patiently waiting for a new home most of his life.

He came into the care of the RSPCA’s Little Valley Animal Centre in Exeter, Devon, while he was still a kit, but has now grown into an adult rabbit who wants to share a home with a female bunny.

Leah Carnall, Animal Care Assistant at the centre, said: “Casey’s had very little interest from potential adopters over the last two years and we just don’t know why as he is an absolutely lovely bunny.

“The day Casey came into care, the state he was in was heartbreaking and he was terrified of the world. To watch him grow and begin to enjoy life has been an amazing experience. He used to bolt and hide whenever he saw us, but now he will happily accept treats from your hand and even a few head rubs.

“He has now been with us for two years, there is nothing I want more than to see him in a loving home, it's what he truly deserves.

“He’s not a bunny who likes to be cuddled, he gets a little nervous being touched - but that doesn’t mean he won’t be a wonderful pet. He came into the centre as part of a case, so his previous life was pretty miserable. We so desperately want him to have his happy ever after.”

Casey's happy place is outdoors, no matter the weather.

“He is an active boy who loves being outside, so his new home would need to have access to a secure, free range garden where he can do as he pleases,” added Leah. “As long as he has access to a cosy shed so he can have somewhere to curl up and sleep too after running around outside!

“As well as enjoying being outdoors, Casey loves to eat vegetables and treats. Despite him being a little nervous, once he gets to know you he will happily come up to see you and take veggies from your hand.”

The team at the centre are looking to rehome him with a female rabbit. Leah said: “It’s so important for Casey to share his days with a lady bunny, making memories. We hope this year his dream comes true and he is adopted by a lovely family.”

If you’re interested in adopting Casey, fill in a ‘perfect match’ form on Little Valley’s website. For more information, call the centre on 01392 439898 or email

Facts about bunnies

🐰 There are an estimated 900,000 rabbits kept as pets in the UK.

🐰 Rabbits are highly sociable animals and prefer living with another rabbit, unless advised otherwise by a vet.

🐰 Bunnies that are well handled by people from a young age can learn that humans are friends and companions, so it is recommended to handle them gently everyday from when they are young.

🐰 A rabbit’s teeth grow continuously - at a rate of 3mm a week!

🐰 Rabbits are intelligent and can be taught to respond to commands using positive reward-based training.

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