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New study reveals the areas most interested in adopting a dog

Tom Stone
Authored by Tom Stone
Posted: Friday, June 28, 2024 - 08:00

A recent study conducted by QR Code Generator, has unveiled that Bracknell is the town that is most eager to adopt a dog in the UK. 

The study analysed over 60 keywords around dog adoption, such as “dog adoption near me” and “how to adopt a dog”. These were then run through Google Keyword Planner on a city and town level and ranked based on the highest average monthly search over the last 12 months to crown the one most interested in welcoming a furry friend.  

Taking the lead is Bracknell, Berkshire, where residents display an exceptional enthusiasm for bringing a four-legged friend into their lives, as evidenced by an average monthly search volume of 910 per 100,000 individuals. As Bracknell has the highest percentage of employment outside London, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics, its good economic situation and tranquil landscape make it an ideal place to adopt a dog and it is more likely for people to be able to afford it with no issues.  

Following closely behind in second is Lowestoft with an average monthly search volume of 902 per 100,000 population. Nestled along the scenic Suffolk coast, Lowestoft provides a great backdrop for potential dog owners, offering plenty of opportunities for coastal walks and outdoor adventures with their new furry companions. 

Cannock, in Staffordshire, comes in third place with 894 average monthly searches for dog adoption-related terms per 100,000 people. As one of England’s finest landscapes, Cannock surely offers plenty of space for dogs to roam with their owners, as well as great stimuli for the mind thanks to its trails and wildlife. 

Further down on the list, Aldershot, Hampshire, takes the fourth spot, with 890 average monthly searches for 100,000 individuals. 

Waterlooville, Hampshire, closes the top five with 886 average searches. 

Top 10 locations most interested in adopting a dog 


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Marc Porcar, CEO of QR Code Generator PRO S.L, commented on the findings: “The conditions in which it gets more or less likely for an individual or a family to want to adopt a dog vary and are not necessarily coherent. While it’s for sure that a dog fills life with joy and companionship like not many other things, it’s necessary to plan and closely consider some aspects of adopting one, from the costs it will bring to the time a person will inevitably have to spend taking care of it. 

“Therefore, while it’s normal for many people to start thinking about adoption, it is important to do what the data shows, that is, to inform yourself at length and in-depth about all aspects of adoption. Doing throughout research before adopting helps ensure you can look after a dog and provide them a happy home for the long term”.

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