Pet welfare

Vets Putting a Dog Under Anesthesia

Dog Expert Weighs In After Woman Reveals Dog Became Unwell After Inhaling Fumes From THIS Common Household Item

Oil diffusers can be incredibly toxic to dogs and cause a host of medical issues, resulting in large vet bills and potential illness. This is following a case of a dog in New Zealand falling victim to illness following inhalation from a diffuser, with the story going viral worldwide. Marianne Whyte from New Zealand posted to social media to issue an urgent warning to fellow dog owners after...

A dog looking sad

5 ways to combat and prevent SAD in pets

If you've noticed your pet seems a little down over the past month or so, you likely aren't the only one. This is because as the seasons change, so too can the moods of our beloved pets. While many assume that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is exclusive to humans, many believe that it can also affect our furry companions. While there has not been much research into this topic, surveys of...

Harry the cat

Calls for ban on snares after pet cat found with horrific injuries in Aberdeenshire village

An Aberdeenshire cat owner has joined Cats Protection's campaign for snares to be banned in Scotland after her pet cat Harry was found collapsed in a field with horrific injuries.

Marion Brownlie said Harry's injuries were so appalling that she at first believed he had been "cut in two" when he was discovered close to his home in St Cyrus.

It is thought the ginger-and-white...