Long stay Blue Cross bunnies looking for forever home

Katie Court
Authored by Katie Court
Posted: Thursday, January 19, 2023 - 16:46

Like many of the longer stay residents in the care of Blue Cross Rehoming Centres, Bobby is a handsome, friendly chap. So, it is sad to see that the little rabbit has recently spent his second Christmas and New Year in an animal shelter.     

Since finding himself homeless as a youngster, Bobby has at least found a soulmate in girlfriend Shadow.  

Shadow is a beautiful three-year-old Rex with lovely long ears, and the two little black rabbits are hoping that it won’t be long before someone offers them a forever-home together. 

As Bobby has spent most of his life at the Blue Cross centre in Hertfordshire, staff have watched his personality develop and shine through as he has grown up. Although he is a chap who likes to keep all four paws on the ground, he nevertheless loves to have space where he can hop around and explore. 

Shadow is more confident and cheeky and is very sociable around people. She is also a girl who loves her food, especially her veggies.  

Despite both little rabbits spending the winter holidays in the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre again, they had a very happy time, thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the centre who give up their time – even on Christmas Day – to care for the residents. 

 Aaron Potter is an animal welfare assistant at Blues Cross’s Hertfordshire rehoming centre. He explains: 

“We rely on the support of our volunteers to help us give on-going daily care to the many animals we help throughout the year. Without their kindness and dedication, we would struggle to meet the needs of animals like Bobby and Shadow over holiday periods like Christmas and Easter.  

“Volunteer rabbit carers, Bill and Megan helped out on Christmas Day 2022. If they could talk, I’m sure Bobby and Shadow would want to thank them for giving them a special day.”  

Bobby and Shadow are now being cared for by a Blue Cross foster carer in Devon. They are indoor bunnies and will need an indoor rabbit-proof space such as a spare room away from any hustle and bustle. Anyone interested in adopting them should visit: 


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