Five ways to reduce pet costs

Pet owners are being given five tips on how to reduce the costs of looking after their furry friends.

The penny pinching pros at are sharing their tips on how to reduce pet costs and save money as the cost of living continues to rise.

Pets are a huge part of our lives but the cost of care can rack up quickly from their food and pet supplies to vet and daycare costs. Many Britons are struggling to cover these pet costs whilst other household bills are also rising.

There are ways to reduce pet costs whilst still giving our furry friends the best quality of care and life.

Rebecca Bebbington, consumer expert from NetVoucherCodes said: "We love our pets dearly but they can be expensive to look after. With that being said, we don't think pet owners should have to compromise on the quality of life they give their dogs which is why we've found five ways to reduce pet costs without reducing their quality of care.

"For example it's important to educate yourself on the kind of diet your dog needs to ensure you can buy them the correct food without spending over the odds for a branded product. We're hoping these tips can ease some of the pressure on people so they can enjoy their pets without worrying about extra costs."


How to reduce pet costs:

  1. Bulk buy food

Pet food is generally cheaper when bought in bulk especially when it comes to buying food for dogs and cats. Of course the upfront cost is more but over time it works out to be cheaper and could save you hundreds. Just be sure to store the food properly to prevent it from getting ruined.


  1. Skip expensive branded pet food

We want the best for our pets and sometimes we can fall victim to buying expensive food with the hope that we're giving them the best. Ingredients in pet food can be the same and we end up paying over the odds for the brand. Learning what ingredients are key to your pets diet will allow you to shop around for cheaper alternatives.


  1. Reconsider daycare for dogs

Daycare for dogs can be incredibly expensive so it's definitely worth reconsidering when you actually need it. Check online if there are any local dog sitting community groups in your area, or alternatively ask family and friends to watch your dog for the odd day. The key is to plan ahead and ask early.


  1. Ask about vet payment plans

If you do find you have to take a trip to the vets then it's worth asking about vet payment plans. This will allow you to spread the costs of expensive treatments over time.


  1. Shop second hand for supplies

There's nothing wrong with using online marketplaces for purchasing second hand pet supplies. Things like dog crates and fish tanks are fine to purchase second hand as long as they've been cleaned thoroughly but stay clear of chew toys.

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