Brits Trust Dogs More Than Spouses, New Data Reveals

Tom Stone
Authored by Tom Stone
Posted: Wednesday, June 12, 2024 - 08:00

From spooning in bed and planning special birthdays, to thoughtful meals and planned alone time together, new research reveals there is nobody more in love than a British dog owner and their beloved pooch. 

An amusing survey of 2,008 UK dog owners revealed more than a third 'trusted' their dog more than their lovers or partners, claiming they would be more inclined to confide or 'tell all' to their dog. 

The new data, by leading pet treat Peamutt Butter, found when it came to the 'pawfect' love story, more than half of those surveyed said they would rather hang out with their fur baby than go on dates to meet a potential new love interest. 

More shockingly, around a third (36%) confessed they had 'ghosted' people to spend time with their dog. 

It's grave news for those already shacked up, the data reveals there are three people in your relationship. One in 10 dog owners surveyed admitted they kick their partner or spouse out of bed for their dog, with a similar number allowing their dog to call 'shotgun' ahead of their better half on long car journeys. 

Showering man's best friend with gifts for birthdays, one in five Brits (19%) said they spend more on their dogs presents than their partners, with 58% spending as much as £100 to celebrate the annual milestone. 

Counsellor and relationship expert, Georgina Sturmer, said: "It's no surprise to learn that our furry friends take centre stage, in the stress and strain of everyday life, our dogs offer us something special.  

"In therapy, we talk about three core conditions: unconditional positive regard, empathy and authenticity. Our dogs are role models for this. They offer us that sense of unconditional love and they walk alongside us in all of life's ups and downs.  And they are genuine and authentic in everything that they do.  When we look at it this way, it's easy to understand why we find our connection with our pets to be so rewarding and enjoyable – and our focus." 

She added: "Dogs also have an innate ability to seek happiness in the simple pleasures of life. Eating, sleeping, walking, enjoying nature. They keep us grounded with what's really important." 

Have you ever had a dog-mad friend stand you up at the last minute? Well, 43% confessed they often cancel on their human friends in favour of hanging out with their canine pals. And 29% of people said they had stopped spending time with friends and family who don't like their dog. 

Totally besotted and utterly dog-nuts, of the 2,008 people surveyed by Peamutt Butter, 69 people had held a baby shower for their puppy. And 150 people confessed to wearing matching outfits, such as coats, sunglasses or jumpers to their dog. 

Sally Addenbrook, brand marketing manager from Peamutt Butter, said: "When we created Peamutt Butter we made it because we believed our dogs were missing out on the treat of peanut butter. And every dog-mad pet owner wants to give their dogs the very best. 

"We wanted something that was made solely for dogs and could be spread on their toys or lick mats, to enrich and calm them and to help build a stronger bond between human and dog." 


Dating your dog, Brits name the top 10 hot topics they discuss with their Canine pal: 

1.      What they are both having for lunch (33%) 

2.      Problems and troubles (30%) 

3.      To do list (29%) 

4.      Spouse/Partner (22%) 

5.      Holidays (18%) 

6.      The news or current affairs (16%) 

7.      The neighbours (14%) 

8.      Dating / Love Life (11%) 

9.      Work boss (9%) 

10.    Politics (6%)

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