Best dog food for digestive problems

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Three in 10 pet owners unknowingly feed their dogs toxic foods

Nearly three in 10 (29%) pet owners admit to feeding their dogs something toxic, with apple seeds the most common food they didn't realise could cause harm, new research reveals.

The study was conducted by dog-friendly holiday lettings company Canine Cottages, who also polled pet owners across the nation to reveal which foods they did and didn't realise caused harm to their pets, as...

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Dog Owners Warned About Storing Dog Food Incorrectly - Leading To Vomiting and Seizures! Expert Comments

Making a mistake when storing your dog's food can lead to your dog becoming unwell, and a trip to the vet. Improper storage of dog food can lead to mould, bacteria and mites infiltrating your pets food, which can lead to vomiting and illness in dogs.

Dog experts at Kennel Store have warned of the dangers of incorrectly storing dog food, and how to properly store it, and highlighted...

Close Up Shot of a Dog Eating

Vet reveals the popular dog food brands you should avoid feeding your dog

With so many brands to compare, it can be confusing to know what to look out for in ingredients lists, particularly if your dog has a sensitive tummy, an allergy or falls into the puppy or senior category.

To save dog owners the hard work, the in-house veterinary surgeon at Pooch & Mutt , Dr Linda Simon, has weighed in on some of the UK's most popular dog food brands to see what...


Superfoods for doggy mealtimes

Pet food experts have revealed the eleven superfoods dog lovers should be feeding their four-legged friends. The dog nutrition experts at have identified the foods packed with vitamins and minerals to help dogs live a healthier life. Vegetables including sweet potato, kale and carrots are all on the list alongside grains and seeds including quinoa and chia seeds. Promoting a healthy...