A kitten on a vet's table

What to do if you find a stray cat — plus the £5,000 mistake to avoid

New UK legislation has made it mandatory for all cat owners to microchip their pets. The rule, which came into effect just this year, is intended to make it easier for lost or stray cats to be reunited with their owners. If an owner is found to not have their cat microchipped, they could face a £500 fine if one is not inserted within 21 days. Here, the experts from Catit explain what this...

Cat under a car

Motorists urged to check for cats under cars on cold winter mornings

Drivers have been urged to check for any animals seeking refuge in their vehicles on cold winter mornings to prevent harming any beloved pets.

Motoring experts at say animals could meet a tragic fate if unsuspecting drivers set off while they are still sheltering. The experts also warn that if an animal gets stuck in the car it could result in extensive and...

Tabby cat

Eight ways to prepare your flat for an indoor cat

There has been an increase in cat owners across the UK since lockdown began with an estimated 7.5 million cats part of household families across the UK.

Many people get a pet to keep them company. For those living in apartments, an indoor cat may seem like a great choice of furry friend - and those warm cuddles will be very welcome as we head into winter.

However, having a...

Search launched for the UK’s most marvellous moggy

Cat lovers across the UK are being invited to nominate their furry friends for the biggest event in the feline year – the National Cat Awards.

Run by the charity Cats Protection, the annual event celebrates the nation's most marvellous moggies, with heart-warming tales of devotion, courage and companionship.

This year's event also features a new Cat Colleagues category to honour the...

How to keep your cat safe amidst cold weather warnings

As Britain is faced with plunging temperatures, icy conditions and heavy snowfall, experts are urging owners to take extra precautions to keep their cats safe and warm this winter.

Fortunately, the specialist team at the Republic of Cats have provided their top tips for protecting your feline from the wintery weather conditions.

Winter is no cat's favourite season, but that...

10th Jan is National Divorce Day... Is your cat cheating on you?

It's the start of another New Year; a time for resolutions, health kicks, excitement and optimism for the next 12 months. But for some, it is also the time for a fresh start.

The first working Monday of the year is dubbed 'Divorce Day' by lawyers, with people flocking to seek legal advice about how to end their marriages. The divorce rate in the UK is estimated at 42% according to...

What Does Your Cat's Sleeping Position Really Mean?

As much as cats love to play, scratch and explore the world around them, they also like to snooze. Healthy adult cats spend an average of 16 hours a day sleeping, while kittens, senior cats and those with health problems may require even more rest.

From sleeping on their side to stretching out on their backs with their stomachs facing upwards, we can learn a lot about our feline...

Six bizarre things your cat does, explained by the experts


Cat kneading - also called 'making biscuits' - is an endearing trait, usually seen when they are being petted or when snuggling into a napping spot. This behaviour is displayed as the rhythmic pushing of their paws in and out at alternating times. Some cats will retract their claws while they knead - others don't.

Our feline friends will do this on soft surfaces...

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

8 of the most common mistakes cat owners make (and how to solve them)

Cats have earned a reputation for their independence, yet bringing home a new feline friend is a major decision which still requires a great deal of time, effort and money.

So, before you bring home an adorable kitten (no matter how tempting the thought is), Eleonore Hacheme, Cat Nutritionist at Republic of Cats solves eight mistakes most commonly made by new cat owners.


One in six Brits let their pets lick their plates clean!

One in six Brits let their pets lick their plates clean!

  • Wren Kitchens has conducted research into the UK's attitudes towards pets in the kitchen, as well as looking at how much Brits are spending on pet food
  • Almost one in ten Brits (9%) spend more on pet food than they do on their own household food
  • Almost a quarter (24%) of UK pet owners allow their
  • ...