Cost of living crisis

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Increasing numbers of pet owners rely on the support of food banks to feed their animals

As the cost of living escalates, increasing demand is being made on food banks. And not just to feed people – pet owners are being faced with the awful reality of not being able to afford food for their animals so have begun to rely on food banks to feed their beloved pets.

At the end of 2020 the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home supplied fifty food banks in East and Central Scotland with...

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Report reveals cat owners struggling as costs soar

The most comprehensive survey of cat owners in the UK has found that a third (34%) have been significantly and negatively impacted by the rise in living costs, with younger, female and less affluent owners particularly affected.

According to Cats Protection's Cats and Their Stats Report 2023 , over 3% of cat owners rely on food banks to feed their pets and 14% seriously worry about...

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A Dog Can Now Cost Owners Over £100k in a Lifetime!

HUGE STUDY Reveals the True Lifetime Cost of Pet Ownership – It's Time For Pet Owners to Dig Deep

Over £106k for a pampered pooch, up to £85k for a mollycoddled kitty – these are the latest figures for lifetime pet ownership costs according to a new study by With hidden costs not accounted for by other research and inflation ignored – owning a pet could be significantly...

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Eight ways to lower the cost of owning a dog

Having a furry friend for a companion can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but owning a dog is expensive. They need high-quality food, toys to keep them entertained, comfortable sleeping arrangements, accessories, grooming appointments and regular checkups at the vet.

To help cut the cost down of owning a dog, the team at have shared their top eight tips to care for...