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Three in 10 pet owners unknowingly feed their dogs toxic foods

Nearly three in 10 (29%) pet owners admit to feeding their dogs something toxic, with apple seeds the most common food they didn't realise could cause harm, new research reveals.

The study was conducted by dog-friendly holiday lettings company Canine Cottages, who also polled pet owners across the nation to reveal which foods they did and didn't realise caused harm to their pets, as...

Experts guide to feeding our fussy furry friends

Over the years, we've become accustomed to our canine friends devouring anything that's put down in front of them but like ourselves our dogs' habits can change and they may start becoming a bit more choosy when it comes to mealtimes.

Ensuring that you remain calm and create a relaxing environment is key to encouraging your dog to eat on a regular basis.

To ensure your dog...

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Research shows raw feeding can protect your pet from chronic illness

A recent study from the University of Helsinki has captured headlines for its claims that young dogs and pups that are fed leftovers from their owners' dinner could benefit from improved gut health and avoid many of the negative impacts of highly processed pet foods such as kibble. It also highlighted that feeding young dogs a non processed meat based diet was protective against chronic...

Adding Years to your dog's life

Dog lovers have been told they can help their furry friends live as long as possible with a new premium dog food designed for every individual dog. It's been developed based on the principles of a longevity study by Dr Gerald Lippert which shows dogs fed a fresh, wholefood diet can live up to three years longer.

Now has developed a Complete Nutrition System to maximise the...

Close Up Shot of a Dog Eating

Vet reveals the popular dog food brands you should avoid feeding your dog

With so many brands to compare, it can be confusing to know what to look out for in ingredients lists, particularly if your dog has a sensitive tummy, an allergy or falls into the puppy or senior category.

To save dog owners the hard work, the in-house veterinary surgeon at Pooch & Mutt , Dr Linda Simon, has weighed in on some of the UK's most popular dog food brands to see what...

Golden Retriever at Christmas

Seasonal Superfoods to Boost Your Dog's Nutrition This Christmas

With the cold winter weather approaching, and Christmas just around the corner, the change in season brings many delicious and nutritious foods that are perfect for making wholesome meals. And while you might have heard about superfoods for humans, what exactly is it that makes food 'super' for our dogs?

Ahead of the festive season, we've spoken to the team of nutrition experts at...