Dog safety

Close Up Shot of a Dog Eating

Three in 10 pet owners unknowingly feed their dogs toxic foods

Nearly three in 10 (29%) pet owners admit to feeding their dogs something toxic, with apple seeds the most common food they didn't realise could cause harm, new research reveals.

The study was conducted by dog-friendly holiday lettings company Canine Cottages, who also polled pet owners across the nation to reveal which foods they did and didn't realise caused harm to their pets, as...

Black and White Dalmatian Dog Eating Fruits

Pet expert warns Brits against THESE common diet foods that are deadly for dogs - including grapes and nuts

A pet expert has revealed which diet-friendly food items prove deadly to dogs, as many pet owners have resolved to eat healthier in the new year - and may not know how their new diet will affect their furry friend.

Pet business insurance specialists Protectivity warn that many foods recommended as healthy alternatives to fatty snacks may prove deadly for dogs, including grapes,...

Dog Food in a Stainless Steel Bowl

Dog Owners Warned About Storing Dog Food Incorrectly - Leading To Vomiting and Seizures! Expert Comments

Making a mistake when storing your dog's food can lead to your dog becoming unwell, and a trip to the vet. Improper storage of dog food can lead to mould, bacteria and mites infiltrating your pets food, which can lead to vomiting and illness in dogs.

Dog experts at Kennel Store have warned of the dangers of incorrectly storing dog food, and how to properly store it, and highlighted...

A child and a dog playing together

How to keep children and dogs playing safely

Dogs are an integral part of millions of families across the UK. In fact, our nation has the second highest dog population in Europe ( Statista ). But it's important to remember how to incorporate them into our families safely. Children and their pets can build strong, lasting bonds that will be cherished for years to come, but — especially with young children and toddlers — we should handle...

A dog at Christmas

Experts Way In On Christmas Selection Boxes for Dogs & How Safe They Actually Are

With many UK retailers advertising selection boxes for dogs, Kennel Store has weighed in on the most dangerous dog treats and the risks they pose to your beloved pet.

"We all love treating our dogs and giving them a tasty treat every once in a while and especially at Christmas, but it's important to be mindful of what exactly we're giving them. We've compiled a list of treats that...

A dog safely restrained in a car

£5,000 fines for driving with dogs

Motorists are being warned to take precautions when travelling with their dog in order to avoid accidents and large penalties.

Experts from have urged pet owners to make sure their pets are suitably restrained while driving. Motorists failing to do so can face fines of up to £5,000 and nine penalty points on their licence.

The Highway Code states dogs must be...

Dog in a Christmas hat

From Mince Pies to Leftovers: 7 Festive Foods That You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Whether you like gifting your dog their own wrapped-up presents, dressing them up in a cute festive bow tie or preparing them their own Christmas dinner, if your four-legged friend is having a good time, it really can make the festive period feel perfect.

But while we tuck into our delicious turkey dinners and selection boxes, it's important to remind ourselves that not every...

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Protect your dog from these 7 poisonous plants

Pet owners are being warned to avoid common poisonous plants their dogs may encounter while out on walkies.

Experts from Quotezone are advising people to steer clear of dangerous plants which pose a significant threat to their four-legged friends. This warning comes after a number of reports of pets feeling ill after ingesting ragwort in a park in Hucknall. Ragwort is a common daisy-...

Tan and White Basset Hound Near the Christmas Tree

Vet reveals how to SAFELY share your Christmas dinner with your dog

With the exciting Christmas festivities swiftly approaching, it's important to remember our four-legged friends who are just as keen to get involved, especially with all the amazing smells swirling around!

Your traditional Christmas dinner is usually made up of a satisfying mix of high-quality meat, vegetables and carbohydrates. But which of these delicious foods are dog-friendly and...

Festive poodles

Festive dos and don’ts – how your pets can have a pawsome Christmas!

As the season to be merry is well underway, we want to spend time with our nearest and dearest, including our not-so-secret favourites of the family, our beloved pets. However, it is easy to forget the risks Christmas can pose to our furry friends in the run-up to the big day. From pesky sticky tape to toxic treats, the festive season can present a world of hidden dangers.

A whopping...