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Hot cross buns

Pet expert urges owners to keep hot cross buns out of paws reach this Easter

Easter is a time full of celebrations for the whole family, and it's a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your pet, especially as this year Easter marks the change to British Summer Time, bringing an extra hour of light. As pet parents across the country will look to make the most of the welcomed sunshine, when going on daily walks and attending Easter celebrations like egg...

A dog at the vets

Outbreak of Alabama Rot, a Flesh-Eating Disease in Dogs, Sweeps Across UK

Alabama rot is a disease that can sadly be fatal to dogs. With a recent spike in UK cases , veterinarian Dr Corinne Wigfall at Petsure shares her expert tips on how to prevent the disease. Plus, how you can spot symptoms quickly if you think your dog might have picked it up.

Dr Corinne Wigfall says, "Alabama rot causes clots to form in small blood vessels. It starts as skin lesions...

Close Up Shot of a Dog Eating

Three in 10 pet owners unknowingly feed their dogs toxic foods

Nearly three in 10 (29%) pet owners admit to feeding their dogs something toxic, with apple seeds the most common food they didn't realise could cause harm, new research reveals.

The study was conducted by dog-friendly holiday lettings company Canine Cottages, who also polled pet owners across the nation to reveal which foods they did and didn't realise caused harm to their pets, as...

Black and White Dalmatian Dog Eating Fruits

Pet expert warns Brits against THESE common diet foods that are deadly for dogs - including grapes and nuts

A pet expert has revealed which diet-friendly food items prove deadly to dogs, as many pet owners have resolved to eat healthier in the new year - and may not know how their new diet will affect their furry friend.

Pet business insurance specialists Protectivity warn that many foods recommended as healthy alternatives to fatty snacks may prove deadly for dogs, including grapes,...

White Shih Tzu Puppy on Fabric Sofa Chair

A warning for pet owners this Pancake Day

Imagine eating 11 pancakes in one sitting – well that's exactly what your precious pooch* is doing every time you give them just one cube of cheese according to PDSA.

It comes as a warning to pet owners this Pancake Day as part of the leading vet charity's 'Big Weigh In' campaign which aims to tackle obesity in pets.

"We all love a treat and I'm certainly looking forward to...

Dog Food in a Stainless Steel Bowl

Dog Owners Warned About Storing Dog Food Incorrectly - Leading To Vomiting and Seizures! Expert Comments

Making a mistake when storing your dog's food can lead to your dog becoming unwell, and a trip to the vet. Improper storage of dog food can lead to mould, bacteria and mites infiltrating your pets food, which can lead to vomiting and illness in dogs.

Dog experts at Kennel Store have warned of the dangers of incorrectly storing dog food, and how to properly store it, and highlighted...

Short-coated Tan Dog

Expert shares top tips to keep your pets happy when you're away from home

Dogs are incredibly social animals, and with more and more of us are returning to the office and busy social calendars, this means our furry friends are more likely to be left at home. Leaving your pet alone for too long can be a distressing experience, especially if they are used to regular company.

Bella & Duke's Natural Canine Behaviourist, Caroline Spencer Dip.AdvCanBhv,...

White & tan English Bulldog lying on a rug looking sad

Sad doggie? Your pet could have the January blues

Dog lovers have been warned to ensure the current cold temperatures and lack of daylight hours aren't giving their cherished pets the January blues.

Just like us humans, dogs can struggle with their mental health at this time of year with thousands falling victim to something similar to Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD), according to pet health experts from VitaPaws . The experts...

42% of dogs are overweight - here’s how to get your pet back into shape

A new study carried out by has revealed the scale of the overweight epidemic in dogs in the UK, with 42% of the dogs joining their service being overweight or obese.

Worryingly, the research has shown that obese dogs have shortened life spans by up to a year. That's why the team of specialists at have shared their top tips to getting your dog back into shape....

Dog Dressed in Jacket

How To Know If Your Dog Needs To Wear A Jacket

Our canine companions still like to spend time outside during the colder months, but should they be wearing protective clothing such as coats and jumpers? In most cases, the answer is no. Most dogs have enough fur to keep them warm outside when the temperature drops.

When deciding on whether or not to put protective clothing on your pup, you should consider the following; your dog's...