Pet theft

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Canine crime: Expert tips to reduce the risk of pet abduction

With dogs being the most commonly stolen pet in the UK, dognapping is an ongoing issue that pet parents should be conscious of. But new laws which will make pet theft a criminal offence across the country could see those convicted of 'pet abduction' face a fine or a maximum five years in prison.

While these new proposals are a step in the right direction, it's important that dog...

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UK dog theft prevention tips

Dog theft has hit the headlines recently for reaching a seven year high, with over 2,700 dogs stolen last year, and reported hot spots popping up all over the UK including London, West Yorkshire and Kent amongst the worst for dog napping.

Due to this threat to our furry friends, experts at chose to collate a list of the top tips to prevent dog theft and provide some...

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Proposed bills on kitten smuggling and cat theft could protect tens of thousands of cats

The UK's leading cat welfare charity has welcomed new Private Members Bills on kitten smuggling and cat theft, saying it will help protect cats and kittens from unscrupulous individuals looking to profit at their expense. Cats Protection says an estimated 50,000 cats that were acquired by people in the UK last year came from an overseas source. The charity says it's unclear whether any health...