Dog theft

Dog theft prevention app - hoping to save the 50+ dogs who are stolen EVERY WEEK in the UK

After falling in love with her dog Brutus , Warwickshire local and former criminal defence lawyer Sara Burney (45) set out to make sure no dog is torn from its home again.

Research conducted by Direct Line Insurance has revealed that 2,438 dogs were stolen from their owners in 2020 - around 7 per day. A staggering 98% of offences do not result in prosecution .

After she and...

Dog theft

New offence to tackle dog theft moves step closer

  • Government announces plans to bring forward a new criminal offence for pet abduction in Kept Animals Bill
  • People who abduct dogs will face up to five years in prison, reflecting the emotional distress caused to both the owner and the dog
  • Today's announcement makes up part of the Government's response to the recommendations of the Pet Theft Taskforce
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Owners fearful of Dog thefts with new survey revealing numbers are rising

TERRIFIED animal lovers are going to extreme lengths to protect their pooches after a huge rise in dognapping in Britain, a study shows.

Two in five dog owners are refusing to let their pet off the lead, a third won't take them out after dark, a third are worried about leaving them home alone, and one in seven are taking them for fewer walks.

The study, by Burns Pet...

West Highland white terrier

Taskforce launched to investigate reported rise in pet thefts

  • Taskforce launched to investigate reported increase in pet theft and draw up action to tackle these crimes
  • Taskforce will work with police, law enforcement, and leading experts
  • Price of most sought-after breeds rose by almost 90% during lockdown

A Pet Theft Taskforce has been launched today to investigate the recent reported rise in pet theft since...