Christmas Safety: How to fire-proof, dog-proof and stain-proof your home

With Christmas being justsix weeks away, wanted to discover the best ways to have a safe and damage-free Christmas when putting up your decorations, eating Christmas dinner and hanging lights both indoors and outdoors.

Using their expert knowledge on cable ties, widespread research and speaking with Lindsay Arliss, Dog Behaviour and Training Specialist at Wood Green , GTSE...

Annual Cat Booster Vaccinations

Devon’s Pet’s Vaccinations are the Most Unaffordable in the South East of England

Annual Dog Booster Vaccinations In South East England
  • According to our survey of 165 vets, the average cost in Britain for annual cat booster vaccinations is £49.60.
  • As seen below, Devon's dog boosters vaccinations are equivalent to 11.2% of the average weekly salary.


Average Weekly Salary

Primary Vaccinations*


The Cleaning Products You Should Never Use Around Your Pets

Dog-owners know just how hard it can be to keep a clean home when you've got one or two mucky pups living under your roof.

Sadly, not all cleaning products are safe to use when our four-legged friends are around, as they are hypersensitive to the strong odours and fragrances, which could lead to various health issues including irritation, sickness and breathing difficulties....

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

8 of the most common mistakes cat owners make (and how to solve them)

Cats have earned a reputation for their independence, yet bringing home a new feline friend is a major decision which still requires a great deal of time, effort and money.

So, before you bring home an adorable kitten (no matter how tempting the thought is), Eleonore Hacheme, Cat Nutritionist at Republic of Cats solves eight mistakes most commonly made by new cat owners.


One in six Brits let their pets lick their plates clean!

One in six Brits let their pets lick their plates clean!

  • Wren Kitchens has conducted research into the UK's attitudes towards pets in the kitchen, as well as looking at how much Brits are spending on pet food
  • Almost one in ten Brits (9%) spend more on pet food than they do on their own household food
  • Almost a quarter (24%) of UK pet owners allow their
  • ...

How the full moon can affect your pets behaviour

Full moons have a long history of being associated with strange behaviour. This is hardly surprising, since lunar activity has been found to impact our sleep schedule, mental health, and even our blood pressure ( Healthline ). But humans aren't the only ones who experience the effect of the full moon.

If you've noticed that your furry friend seems to act in a peculiar manner under...

Loki (The God of Mischief!) now most popular superhero universe name for dogs and cats

Ahead of the season finale of the new Disney+ TV series "Loki", being released on Wednesday 14th July at 8:00AM (BST), Animal Friends Insurance has announced that Loki is now by far and away the most popular name in the superhero universe for both dogs and cats that it insures in the UK.

Animal Friends, one of the largest pet insurers in the country, covers 2,636 dogs called Loki and...

No fun of the fair: RSPCA urges councils to declare that pets aren't prizes

The RSPCA is calling for the giving of pets as prizes to be banned - and is urging local authorities across England and Wales to act to protect "misunderstood" goldfish.

As coronavirus restrictions continue to ease across England and Wales, the RSPCA fears that the "out-dated and cruel" spectre of pets being given away as prizes will return to fairgrounds as events resume in...

Roxy with Stick impaled - Vets Now

Incredible photos show how puppy nearly died after being impaled by stick

Vets performed emergency surgery on Roxy to remove the massive branch

A miracle puppy escaped death by millimetres when a 2ft tree branch ripped through her leg and came out the other side.

These incredible pictures show the inch and a quarter thick branch pointing up to the sky after getting wedged in Roxy the whippet's right hind thigh.

The stick was a just a fraction away...

Dog Poo Bin in a local park

The UK cities tackling dog fouling the most effectively

Picking up after your dog isn't exactly the most enjoyable chore. Let's face it — it's gross! It can be tempting to skip this task, but doing so is not only bad for the environment and public health — in many places, it's also illegal.

The research team at have done some digging to reveal which cities across the UK are doing the most to tackle dog fouling and Newcastle made...