10 expert tips to improve you and your pets wellbeing on walks


Walkies and workouts: expert shares top tips how to make winter walks more fun for you and your pet

It can often be easy to forget about all the health and social benefits dog owners reap from walking their furry companions regularly. A regular walk is not only vitally important for your pet's health but is...

Dogs on bed

Almost two-thirds of dog owners who let their pooch sleep in their bed only wash their sheets once a month, or less!

  • A new report by Beko, The UK's Number 1 best-selling large home appliance brand has looked into the impact that fresh bedding can have on an individual
  • Over half (54%) felt their mood increased on the day they changed their bedding AND the day after
  • The research also went on to reveal that 6/10 respondents who let their dog sleep in bed with them only wash their
  • ...
Dog theft

New offence to tackle dog theft moves step closer

  • Government announces plans to bring forward a new criminal offence for pet abduction in Kept Animals Bill
  • People who abduct dogs will face up to five years in prison, reflecting the emotional distress caused to both the owner and the dog
  • Today's announcement makes up part of the Government's response to the recommendations of the Pet Theft Taskforce
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New experiment proves that dogs are good for our health!

  • Greeting card marketplace,, studied the effects dogs have on humans by using heart-rate trackers, sleep quality scores, and body temperature data
  • Stroking your dog for ten minutes can improve your sleep by 32% and can reduce your body temperature by 1℃
  • Dr. Marsha Chinichian, Chief Science Officer of Mindshine explains how petting a dog can improve your
  • ...

Expert Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy At Christmas

Christmas should be a fun time for all of the family to relax and be merry but with all the excitement and novelty that the festive season brings, how can we make sure our dogs are enjoying it as much as we are?

Christmas is a magical time for the whole family but it can so often become a somewhat manic time full of novelty, changes of routine, fireworks and endless visits from friends and...

Find out which dog breed suits you best based on your lifestyle

A survey conducted by the pet insurance company Petplan has shown that more than half (52%) of pet owners felt like their pet provided companionship in the past year.

If you're considering getting a dog it's important to know which breed suits your lifestyle. To help you with this, Petplan has created a quiz to help find your ideal canine companion based on your lifestyle.


Should dogs wear Christmas jumpers?

For humans, noticing that a jumper is irritating simply results in some half-hearted scratching and then removing the item of clothing. However, for dogs, the reality of wearing clothing is not so simple: dogs have no way of communicating whether their skin is being irritated or not, along with having no way to remove clothing that is placed onto them.

There are many fabrics that...

Top tips on how to clean your canine friends

  • Search trends for 'dog wash near me' has increased by 150 percent
  • Leaving your dog to air-dry can cause matting and bad odour – top tips on how to efficiently clean and dry your dog below

With wetter months ahead, we can expect lots of muddy walks with our pooch! And with wet dogs causing many health problems for our pooches, and Google Search Trends such as '...

One in six Brits let their pets lick their plates clean!

One in six Brits let their pets lick their plates clean!

  • Wren Kitchens has conducted research into the UK's attitudes towards pets in the kitchen, as well as looking at how much Brits are spending on pet food
  • Almost one in ten Brits (9%) spend more on pet food than they do on their own household food
  • Almost a quarter (24%) of UK pet owners allow their
  • ...

Owners fearful of Dog thefts with new survey revealing numbers are rising

TERRIFIED animal lovers are going to extreme lengths to protect their pooches after a huge rise in dognapping in Britain, a study shows.

Two in five dog owners are refusing to let their pet off the lead, a third won't take them out after dark, a third are worried about leaving them home alone, and one in seven are taking them for fewer walks.

The study, by Burns Pet...