One in six Brits let their pets lick their plates clean!

One in six Brits let their pets lick their plates clean!

  • Wren Kitchens has conducted research into the UK's attitudes towards pets in the kitchen, as well as looking at how much Brits are spending on pet food
  • Almost one in ten Brits (9%) spend more on pet food than they do on their own household food
  • Almost a quarter (24%) of UK pet owners allow their
  • ...

Owners fearful of Dog thefts with new survey revealing numbers are rising

TERRIFIED animal lovers are going to extreme lengths to protect their pooches after a huge rise in dognapping in Britain, a study shows.

Two in five dog owners are refusing to let their pet off the lead, a third won't take them out after dark, a third are worried about leaving them home alone, and one in seven are taking them for fewer walks.

The study, by Burns Pet...

Word's first ever Pet Paralympics was barking success

The Petsure Games, which were held at the Bath & West Country Festival from 27- 29th August , saw 100s of dogs of all shapes, sizes and abilities get their paws in gear for one of the most inclusive of animal sporting events ever held.

The Petsure Games is three days of barking mad furry fun. Set in the heart of one of the UK's best-loved country shows, the Games have...

The home appliances dogs are most afraid of, and how to ease their fears

  • New research by reveals the home appliances that dogs are most afraid of, as well as expert tips on what pooch parents can do to help ease their fears
  • Over four in five (85%) dogs are afraid of household appliances, with owners citing them becoming anxious, nervous, or afraid around them
  • The most feared everyday household items include the
  • ...

Top tips for a dog-friendly staycation

Top tips for a dog-friendly staycation

By Harry Roberts Managing Director at My Favourite Cottages

Since the start of the pandemic, 3.2 million UK households have welcomed a new pet.

But now the UK has started to open up again, many dog owners have been looking to take their new family member on their first holiday.

In fact, according to a recent study 'dog...

Vet reveals what your stool poop can tell you about their health

Ruff Guide To Spotting Problems In Your Dog's Poop

Our dog's poop can tell us a lot, including if there's something wrong – we've spoken to head vet Sean McCormack to find out what signs to look out for when you're scooping the poop.

"Poop smells, we know that – but is your dog's poo a little (or a lot) smellier than usual? Stinkier-than-usual poos can indicate your dog's...

Grass seed injuries in dogs: How to prevent them

Head Vet reveals how to protect your dog from grass seeds

Despite being no bigger than a grain of rice, tiny grass seeds can cause real problems for pups who like bounding through long summer grass.

Head vet at , Sean McCormack, explains what to do if you spot a grass seed wound on your dog, as well as the steps you can take to prevent it from happening in the first place...

The six most destructive dog breeds revealed

  • GoodMove has revealed the six most destructive dog breeds that'll wreak havoc in your home
  • Labradors take the top spot as the most calamitous canine
  • Plus, some hilarious puparazzi pics of pets caught in the act

Dogs aren't just animals, they're part of the family! No matter what happens with family, we always have their backs.... even after they've...

Photo by Mariana Silvestre from Pexels

Is it dangerous for your dog to drink seawater?

Is it dangerous for your dog to drink seawater?

What are the dangers of your pooch consuming seawater? Sean McCormack at explains:

"Seawater contains a high balance of salt, approximately 35 grams of salt in every 1 litre (1000 ml). If your dog drinks too much it can quickly become dehydrated, and symptoms can worsen if your dog isn't provided with fresh drinking water....

Over 6 Million Dogs in the UK are Severely Affected by Owners forced into Self Isolation

  • 59% of dog owners are worried about how they would care for their dog if pinged
  • 45% are more concerned about the mental and physical impact of isolation on their dog than themselves
  • 48% have been creating at home dog workouts during isolation
  • 54% of dog owners are unclear of self-isolation guidance

A whopping 51% of dogs in the UK have...