Dog Poo Bin in a local park

The UK cities tackling dog fouling the most effectively

Picking up after your dog isn't exactly the most enjoyable chore. Let's face it — it's gross! It can be tempting to skip this task, but doing so is not only bad for the environment and public health — in many places, it's also illegal.

The research team at have done some digging to reveal which cities across the UK are doing the most to tackle dog fouling and Newcastle made...

How to create a dog-friendly garden this summer

One of the greatest pleasures of being a pet parent is watching your dog play freely outdoors. But while fresh air, sunlight and exercise are all beneficial to your canine companion, there are several hazards present in your garden that could be harmful to their health.

If we weren't already a canine-crazy nation before, the coronavirus pandemic has turned us Brits into total dog...

The one room your dog should not be left alone in, according to a new study

  • A new study by compare the market .com reveals the rooms of the home where dogs feel the most settled when left alone
  • Dogs are most unsettled when left in the bedroom, with average heart rates rising by47.2%
  • Over a third 36% of dogs will be left home alone 3.5 days per week, for over 19 hours per working week

With the nation preparing for lockdown...

The threat of people relinquishing their pandemic puppies

For lots of people living under COVID-19 restrictions, it suddenly seemed the perfect time to get a dog. Lots of time at home, not much else to do, so why not?

Plus, there is evidence that having a dog can improve people’s work-life balance, and they provide a reason to get outdoors, which is known to be good for mental wellbeing. There are even some claims that dogs can ‘cure’...

Essential tips for taking your dog on a summer staycation

It's National Pet Travel Safety Day - experts at have shared they handy guide to staying safe!

There's no doubt about it, 2021 is the year for staycations. And many of us will be taking our four-legged friend with us as we head off to UK resorts for a much-needed summer break.

It's a well-known fact that we Brits love our pets, and we like to involve them in...

TravelSupermarket reveals 107% increase in holidaymakers looking for dog-friendly holidays in the UK

Brits are gearing up for another year of summer holidays at home – and this time, it looks like our pets will be coming along too. Data from travel comparison site TravelSupermarket reveals a 107% year-on-year increase in holidaymakers looking for dog-friendly holidays in the UK[1], suggesting our furry friends will also be enjoying a break this year.

To help plan that pet-friendly...

Dog on Bed

5 ways your dog is giving you a better night's sleep

Dogs are one of the UK's favourite pets. According to PDSA, 24% of Brits share their home with at least one canine friend. It's easy to see why they're so popular: not only are they cute, but they provide a sense of unconditional companionship.

The perks don't end there though, a recent study by Cansius College, New York, found that women sleep more soundly when they share their bed...

Brits care more about their pet's welfare and comfort than their own

Brits care more about their pet's welfare and comfort than their own

It comes as no surprise that the UK is a nation of pet lovers and a recent survey suggests that for many of us, they are the number one priority. Latest figures from PDSA reveal that there are 10.9 million cats and 9.9 million dogs living in UK households.

A study of 2,000 besotted cat and dog owners by reveals the lengths brits go to to keep their beloved animal cosy....

Dogs on lady's lap

Fur-ocious pets costing owners £500 with home mishaps

Having the responsibility of a pet has cost owners more than £500 in damage repairs, on average, new research reveals, as lockdown sees a surge in pet purchases.

And as the festive season fast approaches, more of us will consider adding a furry friend to our family. But you might be biting off more than you can chew, as more than one in five (22%) pet-parents admit their animals have...


Pugs Are The Most Tattooed Dog In The World

There’s no disputing the love we have for our four-legged friends, from a cuddly cockapoo to a loving labrador, they have definitely earned their place as a man's best friend. In fact, for many people their pooch means so much to them that they’ll have their favourite breed tattooed on them as a permanent symbol of their love.

Curious to discover which breed is the most popular in...