Loki (The God of Mischief!) now most popular superhero universe name for dogs and cats

Ahead of the season finale of the new Disney+ TV series "Loki", being released on Wednesday 14th July at 8:00AM (BST), Animal Friends Insurance has announced that Loki is now by far and away the most popular name in the superhero universe for both dogs and cats that it insures in the UK.

Animal Friends, one of the largest pet insurers in the country, covers 2,636 dogs called Loki and 1,919 cats with the name making the God of Mischief the true king of the pack.   

Thor, Loki's mythological brother, is another very popular superhero name with Animal Friends clocking 1,176 pet namesakes.

Not one to shy away from the fight, Logan from the X-Men series is also very popular, with Animal Friends insuring 895 dogs and cats, whose claws hopefully aren't as sharp as Wolverine's!

And it's not just Marvel characters that are popular with pet owners. DC's Batman is one of the most popular superhero names for cats in the country with 108 being insured by the company, perhaps with many owners called Robin. Jumping back into Marvel's world, 93 dogs called Hulk are insured by the company, as are 53 Starks – Tony Stark was of course the enigmatic cover for Iron Man. Surprisingly, there are no dogs insured by Animals Friends called Superman, although the company does cover three Clark Kent's. We can only assume that they want to keep their true identity hidden...

Animal Friends undertook the superhero name research in order to provide even more choice for people using its Pet Name Generator. For customers and others struggling to decide upon a name for their beloved pet, the Pet Name Generator is the perfect and fun solution, with over a thousand names that now include the most popular superhero characters from the Marvel and DC cinematic universes.

Westley Pearson, Chief Executive Officer, Animal Friends, said: "We've always known that our pets are our heroes, but we didn't realise just how many legends were in our midst.  Here's hoping all the Loki's we cover aren't creating quite as much mischief as The God of Mischief himself!"

Animal Friends Insurance has given over £5.6 million to more than 500 animal welfare charities around the world. The company was founded in 1998, with the sole aim of providing industry leading pet insurance and first-class pet care to create a better life for every animal.

Animal Friends utilises its voice to help keep customers, supporters and the general public informed about the changes that are needed, and steps that must be taken, in order to prevent vulnerable animals from being further mistreated, abused and neglected. By educating and inspiring others to act on current events and responsible pet ownership, Animal Friends is driving positive change for animal welfare and conservation.

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